I’ve been inspired by a college kid

by iowenomore

My hero!


This is my hero and that link is to his blog. He paid down his Harvard debt in less than a year!

I call him kid because..well..to me..he is. There is no disrespect there at all. I actually have 2 sons older than him and 1 son that is his age. So Joe, if you happen to see this, I applaud ya kid!

Joe has inspired me to get off my ass and pay off what I owe. Mainly, a house that I don’t live in that is out of state, which I am going through the motions of refinancing so I can finally let go of the emotional strings tied to it and sell it, and I also want to pay off the land I’m living on.

I’ve never owned a credit card believe it or not and only one time did that hamper me. It was when I tried to rent a car at an airport. Apparently rental car places don’t like ATM cards. But that was the only time.

I’m writing this blog to keep myself motivated to do what I need to do. I’m 3 years out from retirement and my life is going in directions that I’m not sure about yet. I do not make near whatever Joe makes. I work for the State and we keep getting paycuts.

I have a husband that I need to divorce because he thought it was ok to kiss a skank and text her for a 6 month period. Somehow I thought I heard him say, “Will you marry me?” to me one day and that he meant it. Chalk me up as an old fool. That’s what I get for choosing somebody 7 years younger. But there are many things I need to clean out of my life besides him. The rest are material and I want to be debt free. Soon.

I’m a state worker and they will fire me if I have another job besides them. I live in a small town where everybody knows each other so a 2nd job here is out of the question. The next closest town is an hour away but a lot of people I work with live there and I’d be seen. I need to get creative in making extra money on the sly.

I already do the coupon clipping and I am able to buy my groceries for under $100.00 a month and that’s buying name brand foods only for 3 of us. There’s a little more to it than just clipping coupons and I have the time. I work 12 hour shifts so one week I have 3 days off and the next week I have 4 days off. I do not spend more than 2 hours a week on couponing. But I will say this, I’ve seen the extreme couponing show and I put them to shame.

So, here I am in my early 50’s, just 3 years away from retirement because of the specific field I’m in and everything that I thought was what I wanted in life has come to a crashing halt. I already went through the tears and disappointment so this blog will not focus on that at all. I will spare you of the gory details. But I will say this… my 4 year degree in Criminal Justice did not, in any way, prepare me for the BS that life can and will throw at you.

I am ready for this challenge I have given myself.

As soon as my out of state house gets refinanced, I will hopefully sell it quickly. The land I live on, I owe $36,000. My college loan, which I received late in life, I owe $49,000. I want both of these paid off by Christmas of 2013. Today is Sunday, so tomorrow will be an eye opener day for sure when I call and find out exactly what I owe on both of these with the interest included.

My mother passed away not too long ago so now I have a 4 bedroom house full of everything she had sitting in storage that I will begin selling on ebay. Craigslist scares me. That’s the first thing I’ll be doing. I also have a ton of stuff that I now want to get rid of.

When I pay this land off, I’ll be giving it to my son and I haven’t figured out if I’ll put my own little house on it or just go live somewhere else. I need to figure out what my remaining years will consist of since my original plans have changed. In the last 5 months of this year I have already made some changes. We no longer have cable tv. I was spending $150.00 a month of cable that nobody watched. I now have Hulu and Netflix for a total of $16.00 a month and everybody is very happy with that. I changed my internet from Hughes Net which was costing $80.00 a month since I live in the sticks, with the worst service ever. Now I’m with our local cable guy with wireless internet for $25.00 and it’s really fast compared to what I had.  I’ve only had to call them once when the wind blew my dish off of my roof and I was able to understand them perfectly! An hour later my internet was back up and running. That was nice! I no longer use propane for heating which during winter was costing me $500.00 a month and winter is 6 months long here. I went out and bought a pellet stove. Best purchase ever in my life! It cost me $1,500. and the pellets are $200.00 a ton. There are 49 bags in each ton and I use 1 bag every 3 days. I have never used 2 tons for any winter and since this past winter was so mild, I used 10 bags all winter long. I still have propane which is only used for hot water, but I will be purchasing a tankless electric water heater so that I never have to bother with propane again. Propane is ridiculously high! So these are some of the things that I have started doing to save money. With the savings, I have been making double land payments and seeing it go down has been fun to watch! But I need to make more than double payments to get to my goal.

I’ll be back on here tomorrow, hopefully with news of some sales from all the stuff I need to sell. Right now I’m going to go out to the storage and start taking pictures of what I want to sell. I won’t be giving out the links to these as this is not why I started this blog. I want to hold myself accountable, in writing, for getting out of debt and starting my life over.

I’m sure you’ll never see this, but thank you Joe for the inspiration I needed!

And hopefully I’ll learn how to use this blog properly.