Listing On Ebay And All The Work It Takes!

by iowenomore

The first thing I did was clean out a closet so that it was empty of everything in order to have a place to start storing things I’m going to sell. There is soo much to sell that I was afraid I’d list it then forget where I put it! 

I now have 12 items up on ebay! It’s a long process with making sure everything works, it looks nice, taking pictures, making up a description and then listing it. I wanted to do a lot more but the sun went down and I prefer to take pictures outside whenever I can. I haven’t even gone out to the storage shed yet. I kept finding things in the house that were still in it’s original packaging! This could possibly take months to go through but I’m working it one step at a time so as not to get overwhelmed.

Right now ebay is doing a deal where the first 50 items are a free listing! I’m sure I’ll be up to 50 by tomorrow. I have some furniture that needs to go as well. Looks like I’ll be checking out Craigslist after all. Even though I just finished listing a few minutes ago I already feel lighter in possessions. I’m excited to see if anything sells.When I found those brand new items I wondered why I had even bought them! 

I can’t wait until the sun comes up tomorrow. I’ll be busy with this all day I’m sure. Now that those items are listed, I’m going back to Joe’s site to finish reading his blog. I started from the beginning and I left off at Hodge Podge.