I owe more than I thought!

by iowenomore

Yesterday was very productive. I got up at 4:30am and started pulling things out to sell on ebay. I spent 9 nine hours cleaning, photographing and listing more items. I was going to do more but I decided I had better start making phone calls to see exactly what I owe. I didn’t get through to everyone yet because I called too late. But I think this is pretty close.

Land: $33,226.00

School loan: $49,000.00

Another school loan: $11,000.00

I’m not including what I owe on the house because it’s going up for sale soon. Until then, I am still making payments. I also won’t make near enough off of it to pay all of this off. But at least once it’s sold I will be out from under that payment and I’ll be able to add that payment amount to these loans. I remember a few months ago when I called the mortgage company on my house and I told them that I’d be refinancing soon. The woman on the phone said, “Oh well, you know it’s going to cost you a ton of money to do that, right?” I asked her, “Will that ton be anywhere near the billion dollar interest YOU charge?” She coughed and asked if I had any other questions.

I will need $93,226.00 by Xmas of 2013 to pay off the land and the school loans. The mortgage holder on the land said for me to call them a couple of weeks before I pay if off so that they can give me exactly what I owe in interest. All of this together, I don’t make that much in a year, at all, so this will be an interesting challenge for sure!

I still need to call back the higher school loan debt owed and get the interest on that. Not looking forward to it at all!

Today I got up at the same time and spent 7 hours going through things to sell. I was able to get a hold of my car insurance people. I had been insuring 2 vehicles that nobody drives. I thought I had stopped insuring them 5 months ago! They get started up weekly but nobody drives them. I’ll be putting those up for sale this week too! I look around here and I am overwhelmed at all the things that I can sell. Besides the cars and some furniture, nothing else is really big, size wise. There is a ton of regular household stuff. I still have a 2nd storage area, besides my Mother’s, that I haven’t even looked at yet. Yep, looks like selling all of this stuff has turned into my part time job just like Liz suggested. Thanks Liz!

I’m trying not to freak out about my house being sold even though it’s in another state. It’s been security for me as far as…when I can’t stand it here anymore I have a house to go to. I don’t know if this is stupid to do this payoff the way I’m thinking about, but I think I want to pay off the land first so I always have it and it’s a done deal. Plus, it also has the highest interest rate, so the sooner it’s paid off the better.

One day soon I’ll put up a couponing list of tips and also links that are really helpful for saving money on groceries.

One more thing..I have some “watchers” on quite a few of my ebay items.