Wanting To Smack A Few On Ebay!

by iowenomore

So I’ve been busy listing items on ebay for a few days now. Today I’d like to get a bunch of items listed as I have to work tomorrow, my fun filled 12 hour shifts. (boring!). Last night I had found an item that I had never used. I had bought quite a few of these items as part of a gift idea for kids that I never got around to doing. Well I bought this item at the dollar store along with others just like it. I was looking at the page where this item would be listed and what do I see? The exact same item being sold anywhere from $4.00 to $12.00!! For a Dollar Store item!

Maybe I was just tired, and the few pennies this item might have brought in certainly wouldn’t make a dent but it made me mad to see it listed for so much! And like I said, maybe I was just tired but I listed the item for practically nothing. Then I went off on a mini rampage about it being a dollar store item and how could these people try to see the exact same item for so much more. I put all that in my description. Of course today I don’t really care about it either way. But I’m keeping the price at the low cost I put it at. Ok, I lied. It does still bother me and this is for an item that is already soo cheap! Have I lost my mind over this trivial thing?!

Ebay used to be fun to buy and sell from. I once sold a boat for someone on my account and that was exciting! The couple that bought it drove 1200 miles to pick it up and they were really excited. The person selling the boat added brand new seats to the boat but didn’t tell the buyers. They sure noticed the minute they saw the boat. It was all very sweet as this couple had just retired. But ebays not fun anymore. Once they raised their prices to sell, it became a drag to sell there when you had to figure in all of their new fees.

The item I put up for next to nothing is the only one that came from a dollar store. I think for now on if I come across anymore cheapie items like that I’ll just take them to a donation place. But I’m sure I won’t find anything else like that. I think I’m just tired and will laugh at myself later on. But for now, I have to get back to listing. I won’t be looking at anymore pages to see what anyone else is selling their stuff for. I have sooo much stuff to list and in 3 days time feel like I have gotten nowhere. Mike told me to pace myself. I really need to go slower and do just that. It also doesn’t help that these auctions take a week to get through. I think for now on I’ll list everything as Buy Now. 

Selling this stuff is something that needed to be done anyways but I just kept putting it off. Now that I have a goal in mind I’ll keep at it. I’ve sent quite a few friends to Joe’s page and they think he is as great as I do. Now some of them are going to do the same thing. A couple of them with their school loans and a few with their mortgages. I hope Joe decides to do his mortgage. He’s fun to read.

One more thing, if I ever find my wedding rings I’ll be selling those too. I threw them somewhere outside. I just hope the lawnmower doesn’t find them first!