Changing My Attitude

by iowenomore

Yesterday I think I was exhausted, hence the whole ebay thing. Today I feel much better and have taken a break from these last few days. I still went through a bunch of things but I haven’t listed them yet. My camera battery is charging.

I was thinking about Joe and the sacrifices he made to get where he is now. School loan free! I saw his video where his friend asked if it was anti~climatic. I bet every month from now on he will be happier and happier that he no longer has to write that check.

Just for fun I was looking at flasks. I was thinking…if Joe were to go after his house like he did the school loan, I’d love to get him a monogrammed flask. I found this one…


And then I thought…how funny would this be…


With the flask in his pocket and the beer belt, he’d be a conversation starter for sure!

Maybe for Halloween or something. Maybe add a tee shirt that says “Joe’s bar.”

If I were’s something I would do.

Anyways…I decided to try to save some money on my electricity as well as everything else. I have these fences that nobody can see so I started hanging up clothes after I washed them, to dry. I didn’t have any clothes pins, but I do have a ton of those binder clips so I am using those instead. Works like a charm! I can do this for the summer months at least. I’ll see if my power bill goes down any. I also pulled out the BBQ to cook with instead of using the stove. The stove and clothes dryer are both electric, we’ll see what happens.