I wasn’t going…

by iowenomore

I wasn’t going to list anything on here that I am selling on ebay, but I’ve changed for mind, and not for selling reasons. The other day I was outside and discovered my soon to be ex husband’s workshop unlocked. I was in there looking around, not knowing what most of the tools are called or what the powered tools even do. Also, I was looking at these items through the eyes of a very pissed off woman. For any guys that might read this, you know this can’t be good.

This workshop is filled with things. There are cork board walls with all kinds of stuff hanging off of them. There are powered tools and big saws connected to motors. There are 8 different sizes of big red tool boxes filled with tools in every drawer and cabinet. I don’t know anything about this stuff and don’t care to. What I’m interested in is doing something fun with it all. I have a lot of crafting items. I thought it would be fun to use those crafting items with these tools. So I made a couple of things to start with. I’m sure one day he will be pleased. Probably about as pleased as he was when a tree fell on his pickup.

I have my own workshop too. It has a few steps leading up to it. I thought it might be kind of cool to line those steps with tools. You know, attach them to the outside of the steps for a different look. But then I thought it might look trashy so I haven’t done it. My main goal here is not to redecorate anyways. I want to get rid of everything meaningless in my life, including his tools. My main goal is to do what I need to do to be financially free from any and all debt. I can’t possibly make enough things out of all of these tools and one day this summer I will have a huge workshop sale. But these past few days have been fun using a few of them to make some crafty items.

Have a look if you like.


and here is the other one..


As for selling other items on ebay, I have sold 2 so far. Today I have to ship them out before I go to work. I need to get a lot more listed if I’m going to make any kind of dent in this project. I’m also thinking about selling on amazon as well to see how that works out.

I’ve been searching for titles to the 2 vehicles so I can sell them. I don’t know where else to look for them so I have sent off for them through the DMV. They’re in my name so all will be good as soon as I have those titles. I have a list going, starting with the land and school payments that I want paid off. Then I have a list of how I’m getting there.  I like crossing things off of that list.

Before I started this project I was invited to go on a trip that is mostly paid for, at the end of the year. It’s a trip requiring me a passport, which I’ve never had. I was able to invite my son on this trip and he is really excited. When I first decided to do this project my first thought was to cancel this trip because even though all I have to pay for are the airline tickets, they’re pretty expensive. But then I remembered how excited my son was about it. So I’ve opted to go because of the memories he will have when I’m gone. I’m no spring chicken.

The other day when I ran around unplugging things I don’t use every day I then went back to going through things to sell. I was filling up bags of stuff to go in the trash and before I knew it I had 6 bags full. I sound like a hoarder but I’m really not. A lot of it isn’t mine but I have it due to family death. Anyways, after going outside to put these bags into the trash cans I saw that the cans were full and I had all these extra garbage bags filled. The trash guy wouldn’t be here for another 4 days and I didn’t want this stuff hanging around. So I threw all the garbage in the back of a pickup and drove it all out to the dump. It took all of 30 minutes round trip. As soon as I got home, I called the garbage company that comes out here once a week. I cancelled their service. I can take my own trash out to the dump whenever I want to. It’s not much, but I will save $264.00 a year. I didn’t include what the gas will cost me but I have a choice. I can either take it to the dump myself or I can burn it myself. It’s allowed where I live and I do have burn barrels.

So the saving continues!