Laundry Day & Coupons

by iowenomore

Today is the first day it was warm enough to hang dry clothes. I already have 3 loads hanging up and 1 in the washer. The metal clips are working, but they really grab tight onto the clothes. That’s no big deal, but the thing that got me was how HOT the clips were! I didn’t think about that before I hung them up. Plastic and metal in 90 degree heat is not good. So I’m going to splurge today and spend a buck on a package of clothespins. 

I have to go grocery shopping today and I have my coupons ready. Here are a few tips:

Never ever copy a coupon on a printer. It’s against the law.

Look in your cabinets and see what products you buy. Then email those companies and tell them how much you like their products. They will send you coupons for those products as well as other coupons for whatever else they may make.

Today some of my coupons are for juice, toilet paper, paper towels, milk, bread, butter, chicken and ham. All of these items have coupons that are for free! That’s because I had emailed these companies like stated above.

Yesterday was Sunday. So every Monday morning I drive to the only 3 places in town that sell the Sunday newspaper and they give me whatever papers they didn’t sell. Before I leave town, I take the coupons out and then drop the rest of the newspapers off at the local dog shelter. It’s a win win situation all the way around. The store doesn’t have to just throw those papers away, I get coupons, and the dog shelter puts those papers to use every day.

I also do this every Friday as well. On Thursday, the grocery stores put their store specials in the newspaper, so on Friday I pick up whatever papers haven’t sold the day before. In these newspapers, you will find items on sale throughout each store in your area. So let’s say you see that a box of Raisin Bran for example, is on sale for $2.00. Then as you go through the Sunday paper, you see a coupon for $1.00 or more off of any box of Kellogg’s cereal, you save! In those Thursday papers, you will come across “double off coupons”. So you go to your grocery store and pick up a box of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran which is on sale for $2.00. You then take your $1.00 off coupon from the Sunday paper and add to it the store’s own “double off coupon” and it will double the $1.00 coupon you brought in. So that box of cereal is now FREE!

You can find coupons:

In the newspapers

In magazines

On the internet by googling “coupons” but make sure your grocery store accepts those kinds.

Some stores have a coupon bin in which you can take whatever is there.

Ask people that you know to save their coupons out of their Sunday paper for you

And by emailing the companies that you buy from.

Some people buy coupons from ebay, I’ve never done that, but I’ve heard that people with babies like it because they can get a lot of diaper and formula coupons all at once. Paying for coupons is something I’ll never do because for me and what I buy, it would defeat the purpose. Most of my groceries are free anyways, it just takes time to get to that point.

Well, I’m off to do some grocery shopping and clothespins will be first on my list.