My power bill has already dropped!

by iowenomore


I just received my power bill and it’s already down $22.34! All I really did was unplug things that I rarely use and I started using cold water when washing clothes instead of warm or hot. I have a water well and it takes electricity to heat up the water. For the first time in years my power bill is under $100.00! 

Today was definitely a good day! I hung clothes up to dry, I bought a bunch of groceries that cost $125.00 and I only paid $18.00 for them, and now I find my power bill has dropped! I will add the savings to my land payment.

Here is a list for anyone interested in getting started using coupons. I will also list a few sites where you can find freebies out there.

And here is something where you can find freebies like I get every single day.

Here are a few things I received today in the mail. These are small compared to a lot of the stuff I get for free.





I can’t seem to turn this picture in the right direction but I’ll keep trying.

There is also a site that I absolutely love and have never heard of it mentioned on any show or on any of the couponing sites which really surprises me. Susan Samtur is the Original Queen of Couponing. She started couponing back in the 70’s. At that time, she was on all of the TV talk shows. She would take the hosts of those shows grocery shopping and they would see first hand how she would pay under $10.00 for a full basket or 2 of groceries. She shows you how to not only save with coupons but also how to get refunds from the manufacturer’s for the products you buy.

Now remember the $18.00 I said I paid for my groceries today? I will easily get that back by next week because of Susan Samtur and her little magazine. So that is why I say most of my groceries are free. Every month. Without fail. 

Here is her site. Grab a cup of coffee and sit back and read her site.