Graph of Household Bills & Mortgage Payments

by iowenomore

Graph of household bills & mortgage payments…

by iowenomore


This is where I’m at so far. Hopefully my next bill will make that red area smaller. I am loving being able to hang dry my clothes outside.  They dry faster outside and smell really fresh and clean. There are a few tricks that really seem to work better. Hang the jeans/pants & skirts by the waist. Hang all shirts by the bottom of the shirt. Hang socksby the toe and don’t overlap the sock over the line. I hang dresses by the top of of the dress. For towels and blankets, give them a good shake or 2 before you hang them up and I split them in half over the line. I love when it’s windy because the towels & sheets rub against each while drying other making them not stiff. If anyone uses cloth diapers, the sun really whitens them as well as helps in killing germs. And if you hang up your skirts by the bottom, they will dry more quickly but take up more room.


Mortgage payments…my regular payment is $293.40

Date:   Amount:     Principal:   Interest:        Fees:           Balance:

5-13    $400.00      $182.33     $207.67        $10.00         $33044.27

6-13    $500.00      $283.47     $206.53        $10.00         $32760.80

I really need to up these payments even more to make my goal. It’ll be a lot easier once my out of state house sells. I’ll be able to take that payment and add it to this. The interest is killing me!

I’m off to do more laundry now that my work week is over and I have a few days off.