I’m a new business owner!

by iowenomore

I can’t really say exactly what I’m doing yet until I get everything just right. But I will say this…I am really excited and I do think this adventure will get me out of debt in the time frame I had planned on! Tonight I met with someone in another state about this business and what happened? I will be driving to Los Angeles and I’ll be staying in a hotel for 3 days to iron out details!

I told Joe, on his blog, http://nomoreharvarddebt.com/2012/07/02/i-feel-like-we-dont-talk-anymore/#comment-3224 that I will let him know when I am rich & famous. And I’m not kidding. I will fly to Austin and search him out while he’s sneaking in his flask at a bar or something. Ok, wait, that makes me sound like a stalker. *lol* I wouldn’t really search him out. Plus, I have no reason to be in Austin. And by the way, ever since I read Joe’s blog, it seems everyone is talking about how great Austin is. I always had it in my head that Austin was just like the rest of Texas, a great big hot place. When I was a kid we used to drive from Calif to NY and we would go through Texas. In a station wagon with my dad, a pregnant mother every summer, up to 6 kids, a Siamese cat, and no air conditioning, Texas was miserable! I’ll probably never know what Texas is really like, and I’m ok with that. *lol*

I also have great news about my out of state house! It’s being gutted out right now and everything being put back inside of it will be brand new! The best part? I don’t have to pay for any of that stuff until the house sells. The very best part is that it’s going to sell for twice what I thought! I’m kind of torn about whether I want to see the new & improved or not. I absolutely love that house. It’s taken me quite a few years to allow myself to sell it. I realized, just this year, why. First, I always looked at it as insurance in case I hated it where I am now. It was a place where I could go back to and live out my life if it got too bad here. Second, I was holding onto it because it was an emotional thing. I have the greatest memories in that house and I didn’t want to let those go. I realize now that those memories will never go away whether I sell that house or not. I’m thinking I don’t want to see the new house after it’s done. I think I will just let it go as I remember it.