It’s been awhile…

by iowenomore

I can’t believe how much I’ve gotten done in the past month! I sold a car for the first time ever and I made an awesome deal with it. This car needed a new windshield but I didn’t really want to spend the money on it. A friend of mine came over and had priced out a bunch of the idiots tools on the sly for me. So I was able to trade a couple of tools for a brand new windshield with the glass guy!

I think people are starting to “talk” in town about me. I don’t really know these people, it was just in the way the local glass guy traded me tools for the windshield that makes me wonder. I don’t really care if they are talking, I want all of this stuff gone. Including the idiot. 🙂

Anyways, I was going through a closet recently to see what was in there that I don’t need. I saw a huge suitcase that I’ve known has been in there for a few months. What I forgot about was that it is filled with women’s clothes that most have tags on and I don’t think any have been worn. But this time it’s not MY shopping that filled that suitcase. My sister who is very stylish and much younger than I am gave me those clothes because her closet was bursting. She’s a clothes horse. I need to sell them as I have no place to wear such pretty clothes. Besides, they would never fit me. Really girls? You all wear sizes like, 2, 4 and 6? That’s what these say. Most are designer names too. I’m telling you, she’s a clothes horse with great taste. I feel like a country bumpkin just looking at these clothes. I also have a box of shoes, belts and accessories from the 70’s that she gave me to sell! It’s funny, that whole box of things are all back in style!

I understand my out of state house is coming along beautifully. It’s going up for sale in Sept. There’s going to be an open house complete with a BBQ. I still haven’t seen pictures and I don’t want to. I know I’ll want to move back again. I really miss that house. Too bad my job is 1800 miles away from it. I know it’s better this way. I don’t want any payments once I retire. In 2 months, I will be one year closer to retirement with only 3 years left instead of 3 and a half which was where I started when I began this blog.

Which leads me to my next dilemma. I have this land as you all know. If I was to remain here by myself, I would need to refinance it. The interest is at 7% which is crazy!  If I refinanced it right now, I could have it paid off by the time I retired.  If I moved from it, I’d be paying 4 times what I pay now just to rent something in the same town. The next closest town is an hour away and I don’t like my job enough to drive 2 hours a day to get there and back. The only way I’ll make retirement is if I’m in this town.

Now for the idiot. He too likes this land and doesn’t want to leave it. I personally think he should just leave since he committed what he did. It’s in both of our names. If I sign it over to him, no more ridiculous 7% interest for me, but I’d be paying more to rent something else. I wouldn’t want to buy anything else here as I don’t plan on staying here forever. I had planned on paying this off and leaving it to my youngest son but he says he really doesn’t want to live here forever either. Decisions decisions.