Joe…are you listening? I’m getting there thanks to you!

by iowenomore

August was a crazy month! My middle son helped me tremendously this past month. When I bought my house, the one that’s out of state, we were all sooo excited to live in it. It’s 3000 square feet and just beautiful! It was the 1st house I ever bought. I obtained it through USDA/FHA. They had a program for single parents with strings attached. I had to have a full time job, which I had 2 and somehow acquired my B.S. degree at the same time, and I had to have really good credit, which I did. Trust me when I say that just because you have a college degree doesn’t always mean you are smart. I’m living proof of that. I bought this house back in 1996 and I was paying 7.5% interest. It was 9 years old, really beautiful and believe it or not, I bought it for $54,000.00. There is only 1 neighborhood, so there is no such thing as the good side of the tracks. Very small town. Great place to raise kids but unless you’re a farmer or rancher, you’re not making money. Hence the 2 jobs. But even with those 2 jobs, I wasn’t making much at all. And because of my income, my payment was reduced to $269.00 a month. That’s what I paid for years. I ended up leaving that house and moving out of state for a good job. Because I did that, my mortgage payment went up to the full price of $535.00 a month. I was able to afford that and more but stupidly didn’t pay more on it. Now it’s 16 years later, and after my son looked into the payoff, I still owed $47,000.00 I finally knew the full price I owed and wanted to scream. Instead, I put my big girl panties on and took out a loan to pay it off. It was approved of 2 days ago and yesterday I made my last payment to USDA/FHA. Hooray!! 

My son was up there with his wife adding to it. Brand new carpeting, tiled floors, new bathtubs/showers, sinks and toilets in the bathrooms, new kitchen cabinets, all new black kitchen appliances, central air to go with the central heat I already had, all brand new doors with key pads and the inside & outside painted. They also just finished the wrap around deck as well. I am dying to see it but I told my son not to send pictures. I would sooo love to live in that house, but I also hate the below zero weather in the winters. It also doesn’t go with my retirement plans in 3 years.

So now my house is ready to sell but my son flew out to Ireland to watch the Notre Dame/Navy game and will be there for a week or so. As soon as he gets back, it’s going on the market. He thinks he can get at least $150,000.00 for it but he’s going for more. Our bad economy hasn’t effected that state at all so I’m hoping it will sell before the end of the year. I’m totally psyched!! That’ll be one expense gone with just the school loan left! If he gets at least $150,000.00 for it, I can pay off my school loan! And then the rest can go into an IRA or something.

Joe…are you listening? I’m getting there thanks to you!! I know I haven’t been around lately, but I did just get caught up on your blog. It’s 4:25am right now and as soon as I’m finished with this post I’m heading over to amazon to buy this….



It can be purchased here…. for anyone that somehow miraculously happened upon this blog before Joe’s. 

Oh come onnnnnnn…WHO am I KIDDING?! That wouldn’t happen!

Remember how I said that at the end of this year I was going on a cruise to Puerto Rico? That’s not happening. You Joe…it’s all because of you. I mean really, where do I get off going on a “free” cruise for 7 days? This “free” cruise was going to cost me a small fortune! The 2 bedroom suite on the ship was free, but I would have had to fly to Puerto Rico to the tune of over 2 grand, plus the cost of any excursions, a passport, only because I wouldn’t have wanted to carry my birth certificate around which would have been required had I not gotten a passport, the cost of buying gifts and trinkets at every port and I’m sure there are many other costs I didn’t think of since I’ve never been on a cruise. The friend of mine that wanted me to go with her is such a sweetheart for inviting me to go, but this year I just can’t do it. I don’t want to be on this big beautiful ship knowing that every penny I spent could have gotten me to a debt free retirement. I can cruise when I retire! I felt bad when I told her I wasn’t going to be able to go. I haven’t heard from her since then. I feel really bad but I don’t want the sale of my house to make me lose focus and think that I have this in the bag, you know? I want the debts IN the bag, sewn up tight and gone forever before I spend that kind of money on a trip. Am I wrong for disappointing my friend like that?

So I have to tell you guys…I love my Kindle Fire. It was a gift. I totally love the indie writers. I wrote a book that will be up on amazon & smashwords very soon which I’m excited about. But that’s not what this is about. So I bought this woman’s book on smashwords for my Kindle. I “met” her on facebook along with a ton of other indie writers. One day on facebook she was talking about how she had 9 people edit her newest book so that it was perfect. As soon as I started reading it I saw a mistake. I figured she would want to know about it so I told her. She was pissed! She said, “There is NO way you found a mistake! I just had 9 people edit that book! You must have the old version.” She then asked me which version I had, the new or old. How was I to know? Anyways, she figured out I had the newer version because I had gotten it on Smashwords not amazon and that made her even more mad! But then she asked me where the mistake was so I told her. She fixed it and I never heard from her again. I wasn’t looking for a thank you or anything, I really wasn’t, it’s just that now she acts like I don’t exist. 

Some people just really amaze me.